Media Server Control Panel - Icecast2, Steamcast and Shoutcast Admin Panel
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Shoutcast Admin Panel - Icecast Admin Panel - Shoutcast Control Panel

MSCP Pro (Media Server Control Panel) is a management interface for Icecast2, Steamcast and Shoutcast v2 with comprehensive functionality. This is a self-contained application that provides its own web and FTP services. MSCP no uses any existing Apache, NGINX, PHP, or Pure-FTPd/Vsftpd/ProFTP service on your server.

Features For Broadcasters:

- Over-guaranteed broadcasting (It only stops broadcasting if You stop it.)
- Easy web-based stream configuration
- Fast system response time
- Freely change stream servers
- Supported stream servers: Icecast2, Steamcast, Shoutcast2
- Freely configurable mount points and stream IDs.
- Password Protected Streams
- Multiple AutoDJ support with scheduler. (Sc_trans, Ices, MPD)
- SAM Broadcaster (Classic/STUDIO) and RadioBOSS support with remote desktop (VNC) access (Integrated, does not require a separate Windows or VPS! Only Pro+ version!)
- Audio compression formats supported by the AutoDJs are MP3, OGG/Vorbis, M4A/AAC+ and lossless formats
- AutoDJs broadcast formats: MP3, AAC/AAC+, OGG/Vorbis/FLAC, OPUS
- Multiple Stream Transcoder support with Stereo Tool audio processor
- Stream Transcoder broadcast formats: MP3(cbr, abr, vbr, fxp), OGG(vbr, abr, cbr, flac), OPUS, AAC/AAC+
- Server-side Stream recorder
- Live broadcast automatic remotestart supported: SAM Broadcaster, RadioBOSS

Shoutcast & Shoutcast2      Icecast2      Steamcast Steamcast

FLAC     OGG     MP3      HE-AAC      OPUS

Stereo Tool

Key Features For Stream Hosting Providers:

- Easy install and upgrade
- Minimal dependence. Does not require a MariaDB/MySQL server (except SAM Broadcaster)
- Superadmin and normal admin (reseller) support
- Template support
- Automatic expiry warning e-mails
- Circular e-mails support
- Grace period support
- Users and admins CPU core usage support
- Users and admins processes priority support
- WHMCS support (Centova Cast module is compatible and You can use it for MSCP.)

Supported platforms:

- Debian GNU Linux 8 Jessie (32/64bit)
- Debian GNU Linux 9 Stretch (32/64bit)(recommended)
- Debian GNU Linux 10 Buster (32/64bit)
- Ubuntu Linux 16.04 (32/64bit)
- Ubuntu Linux 18.04 (64bit)(experimental!)
- CentOS 7 (32/64bit)(experimental!)

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