MSCP Lite -> MSCP Pro

The latest version of the Media Server Control Panel already contains a migration script that simply redirects old MSCP Lite users. Migration requires a pre-set normal admin access. Migrated users will be assigned to the normal admin.
There is a significant difference between the operation of the two systems, after the migration, all users should be checked. In the event of a problem, the Stream Server, AutoDJ, Stream Transcoder must be re-configured (without change) and restarted. After successful migration, new features can be used immediately.

Centova Cast -> MSCP Pro

If you run Centova Cast and MSCP on the same server, you can also migrate users to MSCP Pro.
MSCP Pro only supports stream server ports ending at 0, so radios are added to a new port. Old ports will configure with http redirect, so the old stream link will continue to work.

Changes during user migration:
– ShoutCast (v1) -> Shoutcast2 (configured for v1 compatibility)
– Liquidsoap (MP3, OGG), Ices2 -> MPD
– Liquidsoap (AAC) -> Sc_trans2-aac
– Ezstream -> Ices-noreenc

The user can later freely switch the Stream Server type and AutoDJ type.

Existing admins, templates, and users are not overwritten. After migration, the CentovaCast remains untouched, but the redirect will occupy the stream ports. If the user is not able to move, then he will remain active on CentovaCast. You can try migrating again later.

It is already possible to import clients from a remote Centova Cast server.

Everest Cast -> MSCP Pro

Customers’ ability to import from remote Everest Cast has also become available.
Changes during user migration:
– All Stream servers -> Icecast2 with multiple mountpoints
– RadioManager AutoDJ (MP3, OGG) -> MPD
– RadioManager AutoDJ (FLAC) -> MPD (OGG, Q10, 499kbit/s)
– RadioManager AutoDJ (AAC+) -> Sc_trans2
– If AutoDJ is configured with multiple encoders, only the first can be imported. Use Stream Transcoder.
– The basic playlists can be imported, but require further configuration.

Like Centova Cast, also this works a lot differently, so it’s a good idea to check customer settings after importing.

Remote MSCP Pro/Pro+ -> MSCP Pro/Pro+

Of course, it is possible to move admins and clients between two MSCP Pro/Pro+. Transferred users can be used as a cold backup. You can also synchronize your clients at specific times. In the unexpected event, all users services on the other server can be started immediately.

See the extra capabilities of the MSCP Pro/Pro+ here: Hosting Panel comparison table: Click here