Migration from another Control Panel


It is possible to migrate users from a remote server to your own. The only requirement is that you have access to the remote panel. If you have admin or reseller access to the remote panel, you can move all users assigned to it. Migration can also be used if you use the client’s own access to the remote server.

The following remote stream control panels are currently supported:
– MSCP Pro/Pro+ (normal admins/resellers, users)
– Centova Cast (users)
– Everest Cast (users)
– Everest Panel (users)

During the migration, make sure that you have at least as many rights on your own server as on the remote one. Otherwise, the migration will fail.

In the case of MSCP Pro/Pro+, the import is 100%, after the migration, only check the success. You have nothing else to do.

Due to the different operation of other panels, the migration is only partial. The storage and basic configuration will be set. This requires additional configuration. Therefore, additional configuration is required.

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