Supported platforms:
Debian GNU Linux 8 Jessie (32/64bit)
– Debian GNU Linux 9 Stretch (32/64bit, recommended)
– Debian GNU Linux 10 Buster (32/64bit, recommended)
– Debian GNU Linux 11 Bullseye (32/64bit)(experimental!)
– Devuan ascii Linux (32/64bit)
– Ubuntu Linux 16.04 (32/64bit)
– Ubuntu Linux 18.04 (64bit)
– Ubuntu Linux 19.04 (64bit)
– Ubuntu Linux 19.10 (64bit)
– CentOS 7 (32/64bit)(experimental! Only Pro, Pro+ not supported!)

Minimal hardware / system resource requirements for MSCP:
– 1 SSE2 supported CPU core
– 512 MB RAM

Requirements for AutoDJ and Stream Transcoder:
All realtime media re-encoding (AutoDJs and Stream Transcoders) will use a significant amount of CPU time.

Requirements for Stereo Tool Broadcast Audio Processor:
Depending on the Stereo Tool settings, you need a lot of CPU resources. If many customers use Stereo Tool, you will need a lot of CPU core.
SSE2 supported CPU required, AVX2 instruction supported CPU is recommended. It also work on a CPU that does not support AVX2 instructions, but the CPU load may be higher.
Note: The admin can set user processor core usage and process priority.

End-Users requirements:
MSCP is designed to be standards-compliant, and has been tested with a wide variety of browsers including:
• Mozilla Firefox
• Google Chrome
• Opera
• Vivaldi
• Apple Safari